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The reason Lenne comes into the game is because when Yuuna finds a sphere with an image of a Tidus look-alike and he calls out "Lenne!", out of curiosity and jealousy, she wanted to find out who Lenne was. But she sets out to find Tidus and more dress spheres. In FFX Another Story, Ryukku gives Yuuna a sphere that showed Tidus getting arrested (which also happened to Shuin). Like Shuin, Tidus tried to use the Vegnagun to save Yuuna. Then Yuuna found a sphere that really helped her find out who Lenne is. SHe found a dress sphere which was different than any other spheres she found. For some reason, this sphere connects Yuuna to Lenne. Lenne now has the power to control Yuuna's body. It changes her clothes, makes her sing and dance, and also makes her get strange dreams. Yuuna's dreams are about what happened to Lenne and Shuin. Yuuna learns about Lenne and Shuin's story and helps them get reunited. It is because of Shuin that Lenne even exists in the game. When Yuuna finally meets Shuin, he calls her Lenne but she keeps telling him that she is not Lenne. Shuin wants to still activate the Vengagun thinking that Sin was not defeated and to destroy everyone who couldn't protect Spira. He asks Yuuna to help him and she agrees. Because of Yuuna's help, Lenne and Shuin get reunited and their souls rest in peace.