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Q: Why did you make a Lenne site?
A: To tell you the truth, I just wanted to make a shrine to some FFX character. When I heard about Lenne, I really wanted to learn more about her and to see if she really is a Yuuna wannabe. After I made this site, Lenne became my favourite character in all of the FF games that were created.

Q: Why is your site called: 1000 no Kotoba?
A: Well, it was going to be called: Surreal, but when I thought about it, it seemed like I was copying Yumi's Lenne site name. 1000 no Kotoba is Lenne's song so I chose that. (And not to mention, I'm not very good with site names T-T)

A: I really don't care. Everybody has different opinions and there are people who do like Lenne.

Q: Can I take your contents?
A: Depends what you mean. If you mean "word to word", that is a flat out 'NO'. But if you want to take my contents and put it into your own words and give credit, I won't mind! ^^

Q: What about your FMV screencaps?
A: No, not without my permission.

Q: Where did you get all your info, pics, etc. And how did you take your screencaps?
A: I got all my info from painstaking research through the Internet. Also, look at the 'Credits' section. I take my screencaps with "Jasc Animation Shop". Trust me, it's hard work ^^;.

Q: I love your site! Can we be affies/sisbling?
A: Sure! I always love to be affies with people and see more wonderful sites. But your site must not have hentai. Also, it should only be a FFX or FFX-2 shrine.

Q: Will you link me?
A: Sure! Will you link my site too? ^^