August 27, 2006



  • Jeremy Soule - Guild Wars Factions OST
  • Jason Hayes - World of Warcraft Soundtrack

August 7, 2006
It’s been a while @ 11:27 pm.

Sorry! :( I hope you like the layout though! I know I do. Avant-garde photography is my new favourite obsession!

Anyway, I’ve got four songs for you guys. Enjoy. :]

Request post should be up sometime this week, so get your songs ready!!

July 5, 2006
Fun post @ 5:05 pm.

I love downloading theme songs to movies or videos I see online. So I decided to have some fun and upload four (just for today!) for you guys. ;)

To understand this song, you have to watch the video on youtube about a leprechaun that took residence in Mobile, AL. Then you need to watch the YTMND parody of the video.

Remember Pontious from Jackass? Yeaaaaaaaaaaah.

Ever see that Aqua Teen Hunger Force with MC Pee Pants (or is it P Pants?)? Well, here’s that tune Meatwad was listening to. ;)

From A Goofy Movie, at the end where Max and Goofy dance on stage.

I hope you all enjoy. I’ve got plenty more of these available, so if you want more, just leave a comment.

June 18, 2006
LOL @ 2:41 pm.

Aww no requests. :( Guess I’ll need to wait it out a bit more (I’m so impatient!).

Other than that, I uploaded some more songs! Woot!

Enjoy. :)

June 14, 2006
Random songs @ 4:31 pm.

Ani Difranco is AMAZING. I feel proud to share her music with people. :D

Ashley Parker Angel… to be honest, when I saw his name I was saying to myself, “Oh God, I must’ve found myself another ex-boyband ‘artist’ going solo.” Of course, I was wrong. I’m glad I didn’t delete it without listening first.

Here are a few Latin songs. “Malagueno Salerose” is highly recommended. “Chacaron”, on the other hand, was uploaded for humour purposes (the song can get really annoying!).

June 10, 2006
Just a few more @ 10:21 pm.

Uploading a few more before I hit the sack. ;)

First MP3 post @ 4:02 pm.

Woot! It should be so much easier to update this web site now that I’ve installed WordPress. :) I’ve abused it for quite a while, but now that summer’s around (and I’m still jobless), I have pleeeeeeenty of time on my hands.

Okay, here we go!

Muezk is an MP3 rotation site offering many different types of genres of songs and songs from other countries, mainly Korea, Japan and China. Rachel, formally known as Raechell, owns & maintains the site and uploads all the songs.

For Rachel's e-mail, click here.
For layout credits, visit

1. Absolutely no hotlinking.
2. Try to download 1-2 songs at a time if they are hosted on my domain.
3. Not necessary, but a comment would be nice if you download. :)

1. Look through the playlists: English only or foreign only.
2. When I make a post for requests only (usually the title is "request post"), please comment with the songs you would like me to upload. You may only request 1-3 songs per request post. 3. Please do not post requests on other entries! If you do, they will be ignored.

All requested songs will be upload at

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