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11/16/2002 Entry: "hooters"

yesterday, friday, november 16, 2002 , went to school and the regular.. then went home grandpa was there cuz he was babysitting my sisters n brother, and then my mom and tita meng came.. we stayed there for a while.. um.. then we stopped by target cuz i needed to get some girl stuff (ahh! i hate this time of the month!).. then we went to the rosemont train station to pick up grandma and they dropped me off at erickson's house. (on the way to erickson's house was when i heard about wut happened to ninang rachel). when i got to erickson's house we were there for a lil while.. and then we picked up mat and emily at mat's house, and we went to hooter's ohare.. we got 50 piece spicy buffalo wings.. Mmm.. it was good.. n we still have some left over. then we went back to erickson's house and watched friends and other shows that danielle taped. slept over.

i Y greymatter