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12/16/2002 Entry: "absent (fever, sleep) karell absent (faking it)"

i was absent from school cuz i had a fever and only had a couple hours of sleep (slept around 4am or 5am-ish). and i worked forever on my history project! ahh! but yea.. newayz.. aww i don't wanna present it at school.. but o well.. i hope i did it right! hm.. so yea i took some medicine, slept, and jus bummed. the end. o yea. karell was absent from school too. and she even admitted that she was faking sick cuz i was absent.. and she was fake crying just to miss school.

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oh.. man.. sorry. Hope you feel better!

haha those spark quiz things are funny :)

Posted by sheela @ 12/17/2002 07:50 AM CST

i Y greymatter