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02/04/2003 Entry: "bowling shoes :: english :: foods - chili :: served detention"

man.. i'm so bored.. my goal for today is to not fall asleep afterschool.. hehe and it's working so far! cuz yea.. when i do.. it's hard to fall asleep later on at nite.. so yea.. haha wanna see the bowling style shoes i bought on saturday? sure u do.. u know u like them.. haha

hm.. today during english we were working in our groups, and this guy in my group (he's a new student, and the teacher put him in our group) was looking for books and his binder was on the table.. and then the girl sitting across from me was tell us to look at his binder.. and we looked and it was a condom! haha right there! (i guess it was in the inside pocket.. and the binder was see-through) but yea.. hahaha. but yea.. hm.. that was funny. and he was saying that he doesn't have time to go to the library afterschool cuz he has work right afterschool till 2am.. and then this girl at my table was like "you know what he does at work.." or something like that, hahaha. during 7th period.. some guy came to our class and made us chili.. i thought it was gonna be some professional chef from some culinary school or something (like b4) but he just looked like some teacher at our school or something cuz he was wearing a maine west sweatshirt.. but ionno who he is. the chili was pretty good.. i dunno if i've eaten chili b4 though.. haha. afterschool i served my detention.. it wasn't that bad, i finished my spanish homework.. haha so i don't have to bring the book home.. yay! and then yea now i'm bumming.. and waiting for gilmore girls & smallville to start.. o0o they're both new! rory's arrival.. and when clark's bad again. whoa.. i don't think i've gone through a day without watching tv.. or wait nevermind.. there's a couple times i did.. so yea..

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