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02/06/2003 Entry: "petco :: office depot :: bubble shake :: golf mill :: steak & shake"

hm.. we went to petco and office depot.. my dad wanted to buy new fish & a new tank.. but we ended up not buying nething from petco.. and then at office depot i got the tri-fold poster board (whoa.. it was $7.49 or something, expensive).. medium binder clips ($0.99).. and i snuck in this pen/pencil thing ($3.99).. o0o it's a red pen/black pen/pencil! haha cool.. my dad paid for it all.. haha i dunno if he noticed the pen/pencil i put in..

but yea.. and then my sister karell bought a binder thingy.. i think it's 5-star.. like one of those zip-up ones.. whoa she doesn't even need it.. she's only in 3rd grade! and i have 2 of them in my room that i don't use.. she coulda just used mine.. and mine are pretty new.. one of them i used just a couple times.. and then found out we didn't need it.. so yea it's still in my room.. hm.. then we went home.. and natalie called me.. and so me, her, and lindsay got bubble shakes (lindsay's 1st time).. i tried cherry vanilla.. it's pretty good.. but i still like halo-halo better! hm.. and then we went to golf mill.. cuz there was no where better to go that was close and would let us in with our drinks.. cuz we were gonna eat but i don't think they'd let us bring our own drinks (bubble shakes).. maybe woodfield next time! haha.. but yea.. hm.. we just walked around.. and played ddr.. haha it's fun! and then lindsay had to go home.. so we dropped her off.. and me and natalie went to steak & shake.. (shared a chicken melt with fries.. haha used the coupon.. and got a jr. milk shake and she got a coke) so yea.. spent like $5 there or something.. hm.. and then she dropped me off home.. it was still fun.. aww i wanted to watch smallville.. i still didn't watch it yet! man.. it's on tape next to the tv.. hm.. i'll hopefully watch it 2mro.. whoa.. i actually wanna do my homework.. haha everytime i get a new pen or pencil.. i wanna do my homework or write something.. haha or if i get a new notebook too.. but yea.. hm.. i think i should start my homework soon.. it's midnite!

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