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06/23/2003 Entry: "new layout"

new layout!!

today woke up around 1pm. took a shower and got ready and headed to baskin robbins for a job interview. made it on time! woot! um.. yea got interviewed.. pretty scary.. haha but then he gave me this paper with all the rules and stuff.. (aww no free ice cream.. only employee discounts o well) and at the bottom it said welcome to baskin robbins! so yay i got the job.. haha eh.. i needed a job. i just need to bring in a worker's permit.. and then yea. lalala. now i'm at home bumming.. going to erickson's later cuz they have a whole lotta left over food from friday so another family party.. 3 days in a row!

[edit @ 1:01am] elliott and josh were just over.. they just left.. (12:30am-ish). but yea.. elliott walked all the way here from june's cotillion because stuff happened and he left.. and yea.. i was the closest one to the place.. and man! he called me while he was walking.. damn.. i woulda drove and picked him up but my dad was awake.. so yea.. he walked like 50 blocks! it took like 2 hours or 1 1/2 or something.. yea.. so yea elliott got here at like 12am. he was too scared to go in my house cuz of my parents.. (my mom was sleeping and my dad was in the kitchen) and so we chilled in my backyard sat on patio chairs.. he told me about what happened.. and showed me pictures on his digicam from the cotillion. and yea.. he called josh to pick him up.. josh was in my frontyard.. told us about his day and his story.. and yea.. haha chilled in my frontyard for a while "group hug!" and then they left. FEEL BETTER ELLIOTT! hope things get fixed.. -=/

but earlier today.. or well.. yesterday.. sunday job interview, bummed, went to erickson's house around 5pm cuz they had a lot of leftover food from the party on friday.. so they had another party to get it finished. and yea.. walked to the unimart to get some ice cream.. with sheela, karell, krista, seleen, christine, and socrates when we crossed the street we saw eric driving.. arnold was in the front seat and i'm not sure who was in the back.. but yea.. haha it was funny. arnold was like "i knew it was u!" they were dropping off eric's sister so i guess she was in the car.. and then walked to oak park. whoa lot's of walking.. i'm so outta shape! and then chilled at the park for an hour.. went back to erickson's around 8pm. ate. watched tears of the sun (i think that's what it's called) the same movie we watched at jitin's. then uncle eric and tita teresa came back with ice cream mMmm so we ate that and watched the movie.. and then left after the movie.. around 9pm. dropped off grandma and grandpa cuz my dad needed to get something from their house.. so we just stayed in the car while he was inside.. whoa i haven't been in chicago for the longest time until today.. but yea.. then left.. and on the way home elliott called me to ask if it was ok if he came over and to call him back when i got home.. and yea it was fine.. so i called him when i got home but i guess his phone was off.. bummed.. chilled online. and then yea elliott called and came over[/edit]

yesterday woke up around 11am. bummed around the whole day.. then left for christine's 11th bday party. her dad side would usually be there already.. but some of them were on vacation or something.. so yea it seemed pretty empty. ate, watched tv, ate somemore, played bball. haha played a game of horse with sheela, ej, and jr. i lost.. haha. o well it's ok. hm.. they cut the ice cream cake mMmm ate that.. went inside and watched tv.. ate somemore.. and later made kiddie cocktails haha mMmm whoa lots of cherries. party seemed pretty empty cuz tita ning² and gary went to new york or something..lauren, uncle tong, and tita joanne went to texas.. ate erika and ate em² went to other parties.. and uncle eric did too except he showed up toward the end of the party. left around 11pm and bummed.

me and vince at prom

aww vince! it was his going away thing.. and i didn't get to go.. didn't get to see him b4 he left.. the last time i saw him was the day we were supposed to go to great america but ended up going to jitin's to watch movies and we left him at that person's house and i guess eddy went back to pick him up after dropping us back off at jitin's.. but him and eddy didn't come back to chill with us and aww i didn't get to see him afterwards.. :'( i'm gonna miss him.. i've only known him for a couple months and started talking to him recently.. but still.. woot tsr! i guess i'll see him when he comes back.. in 2 months? so long.. and then 5 years? eeek even longer. take care have fun be safe mwah 143

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