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07/28/2003 Entry: "late to work :: chilling with natalie"

today, july 27, 2003
- woke up at 11am.. but didn't wanna get up and ended up waking/getting up at 5pm
- took a shower, got ready, and bummed
- went to work around 7pm (got dropped off).. 5 minutes late.. but found out that i was supposed to start at 6pm (i thought it was 7pm) so i was really an hour and 5 minutes late.. worked till close with alberto and peter
- got picked up and went home

saturday, july 26, 2003
- happy birthday teody
- woke up at 2pm
- took the fastest shower and got ready
- worked 2:30pm-6:15pm
- went home and bummed for a lil
- took the car out and picked up natalie
- went to woodfield
- bought 2 tanks from gap
- got bubble shake (i got halo-halo)
- drove around afterwards
- haha took pictures of stuff.. and natalie was taking pictures inside the car.. she got one of both of us while we were at a red light.. and then the light turned green and we got the picture right on time! hahaha we were right next to a car and the lady went by us and was like "that was slick!"
- took pictures of funny stuff.. haha maybe we're just a lil immature.. but it kept us entertained!
- stopped by wendy's (closed), burger king (closed), and then finally jack's restaurant to use the bathroom
- then went home

funny stuff

i Y greymatter