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Saturday, February 14  |
Tomorrow (today, at the time of posting) is the big V-Day. The day which couples celebrate their love for each other, and for the non-committed (aka Trying to be Single & Lovin' It, But Actually Forlorn & Lonely, e.g yours truly) to come through about their feelings to a special person. Overcome with the mood of the moment, and encouraged by (hopefully) well-wishing friends, I took the brave initiative and bought a card for Kouji. With little teddybear designs, it was cute and subtle enough, as I didn't want to send him running screaming away with overly mushy declarations of love.

As tomorrow I'd be going away for a few days to visit friends in Penang, I thought of giving it straight to him today, but aiya... too embarrassed lah! so I just dropped the card into his backpack during band practice instead. As I was rifling around for my purse in my bag later, I came across a card - for a moment I thought it was the card I'd meant to give Kouji, but upon closer view it was a different one.

Aha! He reprociates! I gleefully thought, opening it to find....

... a card from somebody else. Am feeling surprised and flattered (because I never expected it from him), dismayed (because have realized altho' flattered, I don't feel anything for him), foolish and dumb (because I have expected something from Kouji). Raaagh!

edit - Just received flowers from K... so there's a little happy ending there. ^^    ... 2:25 AM

Friday, January 30  |
Chinese New Year. The time when your house, so normally quiet during the year, comes alive with noise and colour. Relatives and friends come in with well-wishes and shouting with chatter, bringing along hyperactive children who run around in new clothes and combed hair, parroting songs from Chinese musical specials being blared from tvs. Tasty tidbits line living-room tables in jars and lacquered containers, ready to be snacked on. At mealtimes, steaming hot delicious eight course dinners served at round red-clothed dining tables are devoured by hungry mouths, open while chewing to exchange gossip and news.


Never mind that after each group of guests leave, your place is littered with tidbit scraps and spills on the floor, and half-empty drink cans at the most unexpected places, e.g the ornament ledge. Never mind that there will be some visitors' kids who will come up brazenly to your parents and demand for money packets, and show very obvious disappointment when they check (while standing in your line of sight) the amount contained inside. Never mind that the same well-wishing songs with the same well-wishing singers play over and over on the tv and you want to turn the damn thing off, but can't because there will be some smartasses holding the remote hostage, tweaking the volume to full to enhance the 'festive feeling', oblivious to the fact that the crashing symphonics of the cheering songs only hinder the conversation going around, and you are only too obliged to let them do it because they are guests.

Chinese New Year just wouldn't feel the same without them, eh?    ... 11:26 PM

Sunday, January 18  |
Haven't been back here in a while - decided to revamp the layout, and then re-evaluated my previous posts and cleared out some unimportant ones (which pretty much account for most of this blog's content, ay!). With all cobwebs cleared, I can now blog freely again. Now, if only some content would come to mind...

Jane was supposed to come over today, but she couldn't make it because she had flu. Went to the public pool to swim, but it was being cleaned. Went to the park to jog, but it started to rain. Went to Midvalley Megamall to shop, but as today is a Sunday, and the last Sunday before Chinese New Year at that, couldn't find any parking spaces at all. Planned to go for nice pizza dinner with family, but suddenly mum's throat was feeling dry, so ended up having fish porridge instead. All in all, today was an extremely unspectacular day.

Stupid Murphy's Law.    ... 11:26 PM

Saturday, September 13  |
Christi has got the 'flu something terrible. I think she got it from me. Maybe I shouldn't have called her out for a yamcha session in Pyramid last night. Told her to keep away from my side of the table, but she kept creeping over anyway. Stubborn lar! Stubborn lar!

Took a run around the neighbourhood this evening, as thought the fresh air might do the 'flu some good. I don't know why, but somehow during the sunset, the neighbourhood turns all quiet and serene, and the wind drops. Everything is so still and beautiful, and as you watch the reddish-orange sunlight spread over the horizon, you get this sort of calm feeling. Sunsets are really the best time of the day, for me.

Would have brought along a digicam to capture the moment, but didn't want to increase my chances of getting mugged.    ... 9:17 PM

Friday, September 12  |
I have the 'flu; it's the bug going around methinks. Ugh, scratchy throat, perpetually running nose.. it's horrible. If you can resist from getting the 'flu in an air-conditioned classroom full of people coughing, sneezing and hacking phlegm, you either gotta have a really strong immune system, or you just frequent the toilet far too many times.    ... 5:08 PM