S a n d r o c k   C u s t o m    

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Model number /
Head height / 16.5 m
Base weight / 7.9 t
Generator output / 2998 kW
Thruster / 72030 kg
Armor materials /
      Gundanium alloy
Standard armament /
      vulcan x 2
      heat shotel x 2
      shield x 1
      option armor

This is only shown in Endless Waltz. It is actually the Sandrock Kai but for the sake of Endless Waltz it has undergone some changes. =D The heat shotels are much larger than before. They are mounted on special units that are attached to the backpack. Aside from the standard head vulcans, the enormous shotels are its only weapon. It also has some accessories. It includes a brownish-grey protective cloak and a revamped shield. With the new shield it can use its cross crusher once more. We have never seen it in battle but according to models of Sandrock Custom, the cross crusher should be one of its attacks as well.

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