F i g h t    

How does Sandrock fight actually? Well, mainly it uses its shotels to slash and cut the enemy like you would with a dagger. One shotel is in each hand. So both can be used at the same time. Since the blades are curved in a moon shape, it's normally hard to jab it into the enemy because that might damage the blade. So Sandrock often have to jump to use its thrust power or slice horizontally like how farmers cut crops.

I know I'm not making any sense but that's how I see it. ^_^ The other attack names were just named by me. That might not be the name Sunrise had for them so I made my own since I didn't know it.

C R O S S   C R U S H E R
EP 3 - against an OZ Aries
An attack that's not used very often but it's the most known. During the cross crusher attack, the two shotels are fastened underneath the shield, with the curved side out. It resembles a clamp. I've only seen this attack once, and it was in EP 03 when it was used against an OZ Aries. Sandrock jumps up and traps the Aries between both his shotels. It is squeezed until in can't be compressed anymore. Then the MS explodes.

S I M U L T A N E O U S   S L A S H
EP 6 - against Alliance's Leos
A very strong and pwerful attack. Sandrock jumps up and uses the thrust power of the jump to force both shotels down the center of its opponents, cutting them in half.

C R O S S   S L A S H
A deadly attack. Sandrock uses its backpack to heat up the shotels until it's a glowing red colour. It then throws the heated blades at the enemy crosshanded. The shotel ends up in the middle of the enemy MS and the heat causes it to explode.

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