S a n d r o c k    

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Model number /
Head height / 16.5 m
Base weight / 7.5 t
Armor materials /
      Gundanium alloy
Production Site /
      L4 Colony Cluster
Standard armament /
      vulcan x 2
      missile x 2
      heat shotel x 2
      shield flash x 2
      cross crusher x 1
Ability levels /
      Fighting ability - 120
      Weapons ability - 120
      Speed ability - 110
      Power ability - 150
      Armored ability - 160

The gundam was created by Instructor H using the vast resources of the Winner family. Sandrock was made for defence more than offense. It's perfectly suited to the desert environments of Middle East, where the Winner family lives. The royal appearance of Sandrock was made to suit Quatre Raberba Winner's nobility.

The main weapons of Sandrock is its massive heat shotels, two curved heat sword blades. The gundam can hold each of the shotels in one hand and strike with both at the same time. Combined with Sandrock's backpack and shield, an attack called "cross crusher" can be used. It's immensive pincer crushing power can even crush and cut a mobile suit in half. It attacks best in short ranges because that's when Sandrock can use its heat shotels. It lacks power in long range attacks since its only long range weapons are the head vulcans and the homing missiles.

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