I can finally write this. ^ ^
I have literally been waiting for a long time to say this to everyone....


Apparently, the fanlisting is now out of my hands so if you want to join the fanlisting, please go to the "right" one.

Since I have 2 other fanlistings, as I check the email account I kept receiving forms to join. I was quite amazed. I thought people knew that it's 'out of my hands' but I didn't want to see this part of my site go just like that after looking at all those email. Though there's nothing I can do now about that part... So I appologize to everyone who has signed up but was not added. Questions can be directed to my email.

Now that I have the power to change things around now (hahahahahaha ^o^)

I will keep this part of the site here. As a memento of the past.

I want to say I really appreciated everyone giving me a chance to run this site.

It's been fun.

But more fun things will be ahead. So watch out. XD