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091 }   quatresgirl12 - USA - em@il - www
Who wouldn't be a fan of this VeryHOTT blonde. He also so sweet and caring about the ones he loves. That's a plus.

092 }   Corena Marie Wilson - Canada - em@il
Well, I've been into Gundam Wing for about three too, four years now. I'm a huge fan on anime. Gundam Wing is only one of my favorites and, well Quatres is the only reason why I watch gw ^_~

093 }   Harmony Sophia - South Wales, UK - em@il
because i love him?i think he's cute and i love his eyes and hair plus his personality-i see him like the key that holds the five together.he's far too underestimated and deserves all the suport he can get! bless.

094 }   Kaname Winner - Japan - em@il - www
He is so Kawaii! I (L) Him because he is so gentle and kind to others even when he's aout to kill them ;) He also lives me ;) *you have 2 read my fics with my friends ;)*

095 }   Shinidanie - France - em@il
Quatre is my favorite chara with Duo. Why? because he is so cute and very nice!! I love him!

096 }   jessyka - USA - em@il - www
ive fell in love with quatres looks, and then as soon as i heard him speak, i fell in love with his insides to... i also love when hes greif sticken and insane ^^

097 }   Shuichi-kun - Puerto Rico - em@il - www
I'm a fan of Quatre because He is so kawaii and sweet!

098 }   Eric - USA - em@il - www
Cause he's so calm and gentle and noble. He fights a good fight and he does a great job, even he'd rather just be a pacifist and chill out at home :P

099 }   Dūnhir - USA - em@il - www
Because he's so sweet and cute! <3

100 }   neko - USA - em@il - www
his eyes most definately. they're very soulful ^^

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