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041 }   Kchan - USA - em@il - www
He is such an awesome caring character. I love his optimism too, and well he's sooo kawaii with those blue eyes! ^^;

042 }   Mika - USA - em@il - www
Quatre is a kind hearted person, that he makes my heart melt when he talks. Hee hee. He's really cute and I support any ideals he has in the series.

043 }   orange - Philippines - em@il
Because he's so cute, he got beautiful blue eyes and I love him!!!

044 }   Oy Lien - France - em@il - www
Parceque c'est le personnage le plus humain que j'ai jamais vu dans dans un anime: compatissant, effray?et courageux, comme nous tous.
(Because he's the most human character I've ever seen in an anime: sympathetic, scared and brave, just like us.)

045 }   mandi - USA - em@il - www
I have loved him ever since the first time I saw him, which was 3 years ago on Cartoon Network. I think he has a strong-heart and he is very quick-witted and intelligent! ^ - ^ He loves his family a lot and his friends, which makes him the best GW character ever! YAY for Quatre! <3

046 }   CycloneX - Singapore - em@il
Becaauusse...he's...KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDD *LOL*

047 }   maddie - USA - em@il
he is the best gundam wing character ever. he plays the violin, and is really cool and hot... hehehehehe

048 }   Marie - USA - em@il
Quatre is one of those cute, smart, quiet types with a sweet personality that is rare to find in anime/manga. And isn't it cute when he talks to Sandrock? ^_^

049 }   leanne - Hong Kong - em@il - www
Because he seems the most different out of all five pilots. Even though he is a soldier and a killer, he is actually a very sensitive and loving person who wants peace. It really goes against the stereotypical macho soldier, ne? ^-^ Also... because he is just so kawaii!

050 }   martell - USA - em@il
Quatre is so sweet and adorable. I just want to hug him every time I see him. He's smart and respected as well as gentle and caring. Ai Orikasa's voice makes him lovely to listen to as well as to watch. He's perfect to me. ^^

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