Here are the rules you must follow to join. PLEASE READ BEFORE JOINING.

01. You must support, like, or love Quatre Raberba Winner. No haters. Why are you even here in the first place if you don't like Quatre?

02. Please fill in all the required sections of the form. Please be specific when it asks for your country, and I mean country! Don't give me a continent, a city, a state or provinces! They are not countries. So please give me the country. :) Thank you.
(Exception: Please specify which part of UK you are from)

03. YOU MUST HAVE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS! There's no way to contact you if I need to email you back. I can't put up with this anymore, so if you don't join with an email address, I won't add you to the list till you submit with one.

04. You don't need a site to join. But, if you are submitting a site, please have a text link or a button link back to this site. I will be checking. And no porn sites allowed in this fanlisting, I reserve the right to omit posting your site url if I find it unreasonable for the fans of this fanlisting.

05. Please put your code somewhere obvious, in a cliques or joined section would be great!

06. NO direct linking whatsoever. Save the buttons and images on your own server.

"Why are you a fan of Quatre?"
This is not required but it would be nice if you gave a reason of why you support/like/love him, it's just so everyone knows why you like Quatre. If you are a fan, you must have something to say about him. XD If you are writing a reason, I'm expecting it to be reasonable. If you don't put anything, I'll put "reason not given" under your name. And yes, you can type it in your own language! :D But I would prefer you have a translation for it in English. Even better if you have both! (Since I would want to hear what you have to say! XD)

** Country Note 1 : (source and my atlas) From what I found out, Netherlands is a country. North & South Holland, Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe, Flevoland, Overijssel, Gelderland, Utrecht, North Brabant, Limburg, and Zeeland are just places within the country, Netherlands. So remember, Holland isn't a country. I actually thought it was too. x_x
** Country Note 2 : I will presume America/US is the country USA. =) Please specify if you mean something different.