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» 06.03.03
» 01 » added 2 skins.
» 02 » added 2 toys.
» 03 » took out these pages:
movies, ram, win an award
» 04 » some media including the whole gallery is down. Gomen...

» 05.24.03
» 01 » the first time I didn't do anything for an update. Quite a bad omen indeed. But don't worry, this site will never die.
» 02 » However. I did get on to working more on the support clique. Which currently... DA DUM... is transformed into a Quatre fanlisting as well! So go join everyone!
» 03 » whisperslip.nu had a server change so I didn't get the massive image gallery up yet. I'm considering whether of not I want to keep it this large. It takes so much time to upload. o_o
» 04 » many of the images will be down for now, but info pages are still working. :D
» 05 » I won't update this shrine till summer break starts for me. =) I will update the fanlisting constantly along with new members though.

» 01.19.03
» all images work again ^_^
» check all sections!

» 01.05.03
» Rae switched from di-lemma.net to whisperslip.nu!
» Meaning, some parts of the site need updating >_<
» The gallery and other pictures WILL NOT work until I change some things X_x.
» I'll work on it when I have time! Please wait patiently. =P

» 12.09.02
» remade the attire page
» wrote the EP21 summary: "Grief" finally >_<

» 12.07.02
» uploaded a new layout!
» added members to "Desert Prince"
» fixed up the rules a bit, go check it out! ^_~