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Note: I wrote this summary according to the chinese version of Gundam Wing. XD So I might have missed some parts.

EP 21 - Grief Stricken Quatre

The Leo that Quatre was in drifts toward the L4 colony, Quatre's home colony. He is retrieved by some who were on lookout. His sister who was also a doctor attended to his wounds. When Quatre awoke, he told her he wanted a space shuttle so he can go back to his home colony to rebuild Sandrock. (He didn't know he was on his home colony) He never knew she was his sister but he was nice all the same. =) She agreed to get a space shuttle for him if he promised to rest. Then she went out of the room.

Quatre learns that he had been in his home colony all along and he decided to go meet his father. His sister went with him. He thought it was an act of kindness because he still didn't know she is his sister yet. XD He took a look in the room and saw a picture of his father and him in his early years. She told him that that is a picture of he was small. He put it down when his father entered the room.

Father: "You finally came back, you disobeying son."
Quatre: "Until now, I still think what I have done is right..."
Father: "Did you know that people did so much to live out here in space. War is a thing that is not needed, and not to mention useless. That is why we've been talking with the Alliance hoping it will solve problems. Not only did you ride a MS suit to earth, but you created an excuse for OZ to attack the colonies!
Quatre: "If no one fights, this war will not end."
Father: "Has the war ended? Has the war you spoke of ended?"
Quatre: "....."
Father: "What can you do? What can a kid like you do? As an heir, did you listen to what your parents tell you? Think about it."

Yuria interrupted this conversation and told him that he is an excellent heir. His father looked at her and questions why even she helps him. She told their father that being young doesn't mean they can't do anything and Quatre, her brother is very courageous heir.

Afterwards, Yuria goes on to talk to Quatre about how their dad knew just talking with OZ wouldn't solve anything. Mr. Winner believes that if he unites all the colonies together, there may still be a chance.

He questions why she never told him she was his sister. She replied saying that their dad told her her brother was a gundam pilot and he didn't feel very glad about it, but there's nothing else we could do. Quatre says that as a member of his colony she should support him too.

She gave a smile and said that she was always on his side and even father was too. Then she told him something that totally astonishes Quatre. She told him that when he left home, the one who was most worried about him was his father.

He went to the room where Sandrock was built and started preparations to make a new gundam. Yuria wonders why he continues to fight. She told him that a gundam pilot a while ago was captured and his gundam was destroyed in front of the public. The colony rejoiced. People just simply don't have faith in the gundams anymore.

Quatre: "I don't need people to acknowledge me to fight."

Yuria appologizes for trying to counter her brothers beliefs and gives him a hug saying how their whole family trusted him. (awwwwww.... >_<)

Meanwhile, the head of the Winner family, Mr. Winner goes to a conference to discuss sovereignty. OZ says it's time for a new era and that they should be in charge of L4. Mr. Winner says he won't give the colony to OZ. The votes are all against him but he won't accept it. He walks away and people in the colony start a strike.

The people on the streets shout and say they oppose the Winner family. Quatre and Yuria duck in an alley and wonders why the people wanted to oppose the Winner family. Yuria told him that they strongly opposed the Winner family owning all the resources but they really didn't. Quatre thought everyone knew the Winner family's intentions but people's heart changed. The colony acts on their own and gives OZ the sovereignty of the colony. Mr. Winner refuses and disconnects the colony. If he doesn't stop, the colony won't be able to function properly.

OZ shows the representatives that he's doing this because he wants to keep the money and the colony. OZ requests a vote to take "action" and everyone voted yes. Quatre and Yuria ride in an air shuttle to catch up to their father. They try to convince him to come back because the soldiers are coming. Mr. Winner says he can't live with OZ controlling and that he'd rather die. Quatre pleaded desperately but his father just says that he should stop fighting using the gundam. He tells them to stop getting closer to him and to stop using force to solve things. Quatre tries one last plead and tells his father to run away. His father calmly tells him that he's been running away, avoiding the war, if he dies running then so be it.

Father: "The will to survive shouldn't make us change our belief of life."
Quatre: "FATHER!!!!!!"

OZ fire their cannons at Mr. Winner but Quatre manages to use the shuttle to get away from the beams just barely. He keeps shouting to his father but he is then flung out of his seat. His sister catches him and break his landing, hurting herself. As the beams dies down, Quatre looks back. Yuria told Quatre that their father wasn't avoiding the war just now but really fighting. Her pain overwhelmed her and Quatre told her not to move or the wound will be worse. Yuria told Quatre that he was a very kind person just like father, but why did he have to die so soon?

Quatre: "Those people just don't understand the pain of kind people. If they have to do this to be happy, then you're all happy now? I will never forget what has happened today and I will never let you people forget either!!"
Quatre: *laughs evily*

(;_; my poor Quatre.)

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