S a n d r o c k   K a i    

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Model number /
Head height / 16.5 m
Base weight / 7.9 t
Armor materials /
      Gundanium alloy
Standard armament /
      vulcan x 2
      missile x 2
      heat shotel x 2
      shield flash x 2
      beam machine gun x 1

Sandrock was upgraded by Howard and his workers. When upgraded to be used in space, Sandrock lost its ability to use cross crusher. Although that is true, it gained a beam machine gun to use as a long range weapon. When not in use, it's stored on the back of Sandrock right beneath the boosters. I really don't know how Sandrock got this new gun but maybe Howard had it somewhere stashed up in Peacemillion. ^_^ In terms of looks, it hasn't changed. Probably only the backpack changed to boost speed in outer space.

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