L a y o u t    

Just something extra thrown in for the visitors to see. =P

Version 4: (current)
Used various brushes from V-Brush
I finally changed the layout! O_O Reminds me of a construction sign. XD The octagonal frame is my first play at shapes in frames. X_x yeah... still feel like a newbie here

Version 3:
I've used the same picture since I've got comments on how nice it is. So using my new knowledge of frames, I made my first niffty shrine layout using frames. Navigation is with boxes and Quatre's pop up in the boxes. ^_^ I feel like I want to change this layout again. I've left this layout on for at least more than 6 months. x_x

Version 2:
A Worthwhile Smile
I found this super cool pic of Quatre. So using Quatre's smile as inspiration, the theme for version 2 was "a worthwhile smile". The colour matched Quatre perfectly. And it was kept there for a very long time. The navigation was image maps and iframes. Ever since I found out the layout looked totally different on my dad's 1024 x 768 screen, I hated the layout. So I had to change it.

Version 1:
Music of a Lonely Heart
When I decided to make a Quatre shrine, it looked quite ugly. At least the pic did. The buttons were nice though. It was all blue and I just got Photoshop. So I fiddled around with pics and created this layout. The naviagtion were buttons that faded in and out using DHTML. It looked great but the blue looked weird with a black background. And yes, it was a black background before too. I used the same stars one I made for the general site.

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