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quatre r. winner & gundam sandrock

Quatre Raberba Winner is the pilot of Gundam Sandrock from the anime Gundam Wing. In the series, he is protrayed to be somewhat of a pacifist. But unlike Relena Peacecraft, he choose to fight. He knows that if no one fights, then the war would not end. But because of his family name, Winner, he is bound by rules and more important things like being the heir of the great Winner family (since he is the only boy in a family of 30 children). Deep in his heart, he doesn't want to fight and in many fighting situations, he is often the one to give an option of surrendering first (or surrender himself). XD He is kind-hearted and sympathetic, not to mention rich and cute. o_o

Quatre is often mistaken for being a weak pilot because of his kindness and sincerity (or often because of his gundam, since it focuses on defence). But nevertheless, I believe he is NOT!!! Why? Because in heart, he is the strongest of all. He is pressured by so many things, but he is still pressing on. (I'm talking about during and after the war here. XD) But the gundam team could never be anywhere without Quatre. Why? Because he is the brains of the group. ^^ He's the strategist and thinks of the big picture. Everyone else just rushes in and starts fighting. o_o

Now that you know a little more about Quatre, you think he should deserve a little support? ^^ But I'm sure all you fans know the story yourself. So just go ahead and join. =D

More info & media can be found at my Quatre shrine, Fortitude.