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11/09/2003: "Testing and re-opening!"

music: Chris Bradley's Mix
mood: tired

Testing and re-opening. I don't want to go to wake up early in the morning, and then go to school. For another week! It's horrible. I haven't done any homework either <.<

I have been working on my Talim costume for the whole weekend, as well as raking the leaves in the yard. I finished the top, but I have yet to finish the sleeves and the pants. This may take a long time, maybe a little after the first day of Anime USA. Hopefully, I'll make it x_x;

So, yes. That is basically it.. No one really visits and reads this except me, right? Probably right. And Angel is my lover .

Replies: c4mment

on Monday, November 10th, Angel said

I visit here ^-^

on Monday, November 10th, coftia said

i visited and i like :D

on Monday, November 10th, Eriku said

Ouu. I heart the purple. Had I not lost the link everytime i crash my OS I'd stay up to date :crazy:

on Sunday, November 9th, Aowyn said

Testing this, too :D

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