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11/29/2003 Entry: "WELL."

Lesse. I got the domain up and running. =)

Today my parents got in a huge fight, but then they made up I guess. We finished out Christmas and it's quite lovely. We were listening to some old songs from the Alan Parson's Project, The Cure, A-ha, The Ramones. It was fun.

I'm tired and sad that tomorrow's Sunday. That means Monday's coming and that I have a flute lesson. I hate my stupid school. I can't wait for Winter Break. I hate all schools. DAMN YOU. I keep telling myself that I should make a list of things I want.. but I keep pushing it off. Heh, I want so many things. Well, G'Night

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I used to like school, but now it's total crap. :/ School should DIE.

Raechell Whispered @ 11/30/03 2:34 PM

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