Name: Sonya Sara Yoon
Korean Name: Sonyo
Ethinicity: 100% Korean
D.O.B.: 4.20.90 [13]
P.O.B. Springfield, VA
Height: 5'4 - 5'5
Grade: 8th
AIM: happy FART face
E-mail foreverxbleeding@hotmail.com
Blog insane_thoughts

[+ + +]
x the cold x pocky x ramen x music x talking x
x cheese x art x being stupid x movies x html x
x photoshop x psp7 x my dog x anime x manga x
x reading x cooking x loving x humor x the flute x
x piano x graphics x sprite x w00t x hair dye x

[- - -]
x heat x pickles x hypocrites x people who use you x
x annoying people x birds x worms x liars x
x people who try to hard to "fit in" x homophobics x
x my period x cam freaks x mystery books x
x little children x boy crazy girls x dog poop x

I <3 most music I'll try anything new. I like all genres except pop, jazz, rap, and country.