...and on 08.01.2003 Ariel said:
"Olde Towne Alexandria"

More going to work w/ dad. This time I took Chris to Old(e) Town(e) Alexandria(e). (*reads The English for Dummies* To make a word archaic, add a silent e.) It was uber-fun going into the lil stores. I bought 3 Hello Kitty bandaids even though they were a murderous 17 cents each. The store dad went to was called Unique, and it's a *cough* Unique store. It was funny because it had these sex gags there. Chris was nonplussed by the edible underwear. "How is it edible?" "You know...it's made of something sugary or starchy I'd think..." "*sceptically*Hmmm..." Chris was also amazed by the fake foods. Those are really cool though...they look like spilt Coke or a melted lollypop or something, but they're plastic. Those things rule--wonder who makes them? Anyway the best thing about Unique is that they have a cat shelter on the opper level. The kitties were soooo cute!!! We got to hold kittens to help get them used to handling, but they were really squirmy so the lady there had us wrap them in towels to try to calm them down, though it had little effect, as they kept clawing their way out of the towels. My kitten's name was Klein and he was super-feisty. I was playing with a feather duster toy with him and he would just attack that thing like there was no tomorrow. The other cats there were all sweet, albeit a bit scary, LOL. One cat was really nice, and Chris nicknamed him the Pirate cat for some reason...I think because one of his eyes was closed slightly. He looked like he'd been clawed in a bad catfight. He was a real sweetie. But then there was this other cat we called Wide-eye because his eyes appeared unnaturally wide. XD He looked like he was mocking us. And then he jumped up on the seat next to Chris and stared at her. It was like some movie where the animals talk to each other and are planning an escape or something. And Chris and I were the hapless human caretakers.

When I got back I tried to clean up around the computer, living room, and my basement a little, and with few results. Then I went to mom's. The dumb laptop that mom bought off Ebay for $300 (which was both a steal and a rip-off at the same time) got here. I swear it's like 6 in. think and makes these creepy sounds when it's booting up. T_T I didn't even come with a CD drive, and only goes up to 24-bit. We have to buy RAM for it, too. I swear, this thing is making mom's normal evil HP Pavilion laptop that I'm using right now seem like an old friend.

What the hell's with that Liz Fehr (don't know how to spell her name--don't care) song that's always playing? Is it supposed to be good? Who is she? Where are my pants? What's going on?

Today's inside joke is from Pirates: "Is this a metaphor for marriage? Cause if it is..!"

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