Criteria for Custom Layout Service
Before you ask me to make a layout for you, please check the layouts section for a layout that you like...there are many nice layouts there for you to choose from!
IMPORTANT: Due to overwhelming demand and the fact that I need to make money to move to a domain, I will now be charging for my custom layout service. DO NOT submit a custom layout request if you are not prepared to pay. I will make a layout for any type of site, personal or commercial. You can see the quality of my work as displayed in my layouts, or by viewing my portfolio or past layout archive. Your site DOES NOT have to be anime-related. I will not do any hentai (adult/pornographic) anime or game layouts. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Please read all of the following instructions before you apply for a custom layout.
How to Request a Custom Layout
Look at the main page where it says "Project Status." If it says "OPEN," then you are welcome to submit a request. ALL REQUESTS that have been submitted while I am in BOOKED status will be DELETED without consideration or notice. Please look and see if I'm accepting applications before you submit one. With school and all, I am only able to take on about two projects at a time--both of which may take a month to get perfect. Please be patient and compliant!
Submit a layout request using the e-mail form. Don't send me a custom layout request via e-mail! ALL INCOMPLETE request forms will be DELETED. Please make sure that you have filled out all of the required elements before you submit your request.
To show that you have read these instructions, where it says "Referrer?" type "stone soup." If you do not type this in the specified field, I will assume you have not read the instructions and will delete your submission.
When you send me a layout request, I'll reply with a statement whether or not I accept the project and further information. I may not accept all applications for custom layouts, for any reason.
When the Layout is Completed
I will send you a preview image of your finished layout with the subject "Custom Layout Completed." If you don't like it, you can decline and tell me why. But please tell me specific things to fix or change. I will usually be able to make the alterations easily and then I can send you an updated layout preview. However, I'll always send you a full-sized image of your layout before I add the HTML coding to it. It's okay if you don't like the layout I make for you. At that point, you can address a few changes you'd like me to make to it. Please tell me at that stage so I don't have to waste my time. If you'd like to scrap the whole thing, it's all right, but I'll have to treat it as a new project.
Once you are satisfied with the layout, send me a responce with something along the lines of "I accept this layout and agree to pay $___ for it." (The blank will be 30 or 100 depending on which layout package you chose.)
I will send you a payment request through PayPal. I ONLY ACCEPT PAYMENTS THROUGH PAYPAL.
You send me the money. (Pay for the layout. I'm very busy and don't have time for people to cancel or attempt theft. Be nice, please. ^__^)
I send you the layout! Out of gratitude for me making you a layout, please place one of my buttons on your splash page or your main page.

Now that you have read all of the rules stated above, you are welcome to submit a custom layout request!