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Interview with Choi Yeon-Kyu & Hyung-tae Kim @

It’s in French, so I used a free translator to translate what was asked to Hyung-tae Kim:

"> to continue on Calintz... His suit has something of very feminine one with on the part embroidered that reveal the body of the personage. Itself it is a question of a deliberate choice of conception or of a cultural aspiration related to Korea?

Hyung-tae Kim: THIS IS a question that, in Korea, led to this that I would call a debate. The public astonished itself to see this man to carry an effectively revealing suit. Personal, I do not understand this received idea that would want them to hide the body when it is a matter of a man. I hope that this notion will pass better in Europe, notably because of the method unisexe. It is necessary to know that my first preliminary sketches for this suit gave a really feminine result. My colleagues right away put forward the wave of critics that one was going to undergo. Consequently, I had to review my copy.> As are for you before all illustrator, what do you bring the does to work on a video game?

Hyung-tae Kim: When one realizes illustrations for other supports, one knows directly to what will resemble his once published work. This is very different. When I work on games, I have myself to favor the identification of the player to the personage. When I conceive a personage, my goal is not only of some to define the visual aspect. I want them to feel equally his personality. It is difficult for the principal personage that will be what’s more defined by its actions, c'est-à-dire the one of the player. On the other hand, this is well simpler for the secondary personages of which the appearance is linked to their reason to be in the game that, she, will not lend to interpretation. Another aspect of the things, this is that as one spends his time to the pursuit of the personage, it is necessary to realize a context also attaching for him and detailed. For me, this is very important.> as an illustrator, is you satisfied hundred percent of the appearance that took your once incorporated work in the game?

Hyung-tae Kim: Allow Me to recall you that this Magna Carta on PlayStation 2 east an adaptation of a version PERCENT. On PERCENT, I was really happy. On PlayStation 2, I find that it lacks something, somewhere. This year, I a lot traveled in the europe south (Spain, France. ..). I had the occasion to impregnate me various inspiration sources and to compare my works to this that I was able to see at the time of this trip. I will not say that I am not absolutely happy but it appeared me clearly that I could do better for my next work. It is necessary equally to take into account the capacities of the console that impose a lot of constraints, this that is normal. This is so much truer when, as in this game, there is a lot of personages. From there, one more cannot include as much details than one would wish it and it is necessary to do choices. And exactly, being perfectly conscious of that, I tried to find the just environment between the illustrations and the result in the game. It did not be necessary to do too searched drawings for the players necessarily would have been disappointed by the result in the game."

Original interview here:

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I’ve decided I’ll be selling my unwrapped but near mint condition Magna Carta game. The game came in a gorgeous fold out box packaged with a stack of cards, a “how to” card manual, a visual reference book, the game CDs, and a small game guide.

I’ve decided I’m going to make it part of an auction and I’ll let the ones who want to buy it submit their offer to me. Whoever submits the most money by the deadline (September 6, 2005) will be able to buy it from me. Of course, I have a minimum bid price that someone will have to meet or go over. If the price is not met I’ll just sell it on eBay. As for shipping, it will be free.

I hope this sounds like a fair deal. The auction officially starts tomorrow, August 30, 2005, and ends Septemeber 6, 2005. Please send your bidding price to me through e-mail or by posting a comment on this topic ONLY.

Happy bidding everyone. :) Please send me an e-mail if you have any questions (or comment here).


I made a very clean and simple layout for you guys out there.

I just uploaded up the web site for Heavenly Mattress yesterday. I’ve got a few things left and I should be completely done with it. After that, it’ll be time to move on to the school’s web site, which won’t take too much time to complete.

As for my personal sites, there haven’t been any HTK artwork sightings lately and I don’t have any time to work on my other sites. :(

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