Jun 18, 2004

Updates for Hyung-taekim.org by raechell;
Time: 10:55 AM; Comments: none

Important opportunity available:

I’ve now switched to Coppermine. Unfortunatly, there’s a lot to be done for the images. Right now, I am accepting ANYONE who is willing to help out. This is what I need help on:

1. Titles for all of the images. I’m not 100% sure on how I want this done, so suggestions are always welcome.
2. Descriptions for every image. I want names listed for all the characters in the image, if possible, where they are, and any other type of detail, petty or not. Content is what I lack, so I would like to make up for it. =)

Here’s how I want it to work out:

1. Descriptions and titles are very neat. Capatilization where it’s necessary (names, places, etc.), spaces, periods, commas where they’re needed, no more than one exclamation mark. The reason for this is for the gallery to look professional, not messy.
2. Occasional emoticons/smilies are okay. =)
3. Correct spelling on anything.

There’s probably more, but I can’t think of it right now. ^^;;

So, if you’re interested, please email me or comment. Thanks everyone.

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