♥ resemblances
Itsuki from I"s doesn't look exactly like Ai, but their personalities are so much alike. Both are mentors to the main male characters and are tom-boyish and open. Good teases, too.

Seto from I"s looks similar to Yota, minus the fact he's a few years older. Seto does wear his hair up, while Yota wears his down. Yet their personalities are both the same hornballs who are undoubtfully kind hearted.

Iori from I"s looks almost EXACTLY smiliar to Moemi. Even their personalities match! As for Tomoko from DNA2, she looks a little bit like Moemi.

Ami from DNA2 and Nobuko... Can you not see the resemblance? :D Short, wavey hair and deep brown eyes. And to boot, their personalities are very similar.

Takezawa, the teacher from I"s, and Rolex... Both don't play a big part, both are tall, dark, and silent, and they have that long, wavey, dark hair. Mmm.